Mike Williams | CEO & Founder

Mike Williams is a speaker, entrepreneur, coach, trainer and a finance expert; but more importantly, he’s a dedicated husband, father and all-around family man. He has over 15+ years of industry experience and has created a significant following of his multiple brands utilizing platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

He’s shared information with thousands that he’s both learned and implemented in his own life about defeating the odds, overcoming obstacles, restructuring your finances, improving your marriage and living an empowering and purposeful life. His goal has always been to help people look past their circumstances and follow their dreams.

He is the creator of the Self Driven Profit System, host of the Mid-Week Motivation Show, and a marketing trainer and coach to thousands around the world. His comprehensive marketing campaigns utilize everything from video, social media, webinars, direct mail, email marketing, and SMS messaging.

As time progressed, Mike saw that many of the people he encountered were learning how to create and live amazing business lives but were still unhappy in their personal lives… in particular, the men he encountered. This forced him to dive into reasons why and even look into his own past to face some past traumas head-on. As he faced and conquered his own past, he soon realized his passion and purpose were connected to an even larger issue… helping men learn how to properly unpack their pain, find their passion, discover their purpose and lead an impactful life.

He had to dig deep, face his fears, address his scars, embrace forgiveness and look ahead to the life he was created to live and to those relying on him to lead; thus, breaking through his past to reclaim his crown and walk as a king. And from there it was born… Breakthrough Kings.

From then on he began creating an intense, yet inspiring system and platform to assist men with learning how to learn from and overcome their past, address and accept their present, and develop the skillsets to become physically, mentally, emotionally and financially sound as they redesign and invest in their futures. He has developed a well-crafted system that includes videos, ebooks, webinars, a social media community, weekly online webcasts and an academy that will help men of all demographics break through, reclaim their crowns and walk as kings with vision and purpose.

Join Mike today and rebuild your throne…
you owe it to yourself King!

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