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Cornerstones of a Breakthrough King



Running a household can be chaotic, but there’s something special within the chaos and steering the ship takes skill, patience, commitment and strength. Remember Dad is a VERB! A great father takes action and is present. He knows when to show compassion and when to lay down the law. He allows his kids to make mistakes and even in the midst of turmoil, he remains supportive, loyal and protective. Husbands listen more than they speak; but when they do it’s encouraging, insightful and caring. He’s protective, supportive and loves her beyond her flaws. He takes care of her, communicates despite his ego and NEVER stops the romance.



Rising early, meditating, dedicating time to self-improvement, reading to strengthen your spirituality, proper hydration and a workout regimen are all essential to starting your morning routine for success. Structuring your business, delegating optional tasks, strategic networking and staying on top of deadlines is essential for your business success. Staying devoted, honest, loving, supportive and attentive is essential to your family’s success. And all of the above equal a successful life.



Leaders lead by example and often build more leaders. A leader has strong and impactful communication skills. A leader holds himself accountable at all times. He’s confident, passionate and knows what he brings to the table. He is resilient in the face of adversity and influences others because he isn’t afraid to delegate, pass the torch and let others be recognized for their efforts.



It’s important to be a role model in your community. Although you have your home in order, there are other men and boys who aren’t as lucky and are in need of assistance. We need more men of integrity to be visible in the community to connect, inspire, rebuild and protect our communities.

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